Winfield Street & Co. Referral Program

Winfield Street & Co.’s Referral Program allows customers to cash in on their connections and sales teams by referring regular catering clients to us. The way it works is simple, just send us an email at to register and we’ll contact you with your unique referral code to signup and track your client referrals.

There are no restrictions on how many referrals you can have or how you promote your code. The more times your code is used the more times you’ll make a referral fee. All referral fees are paid after 60 days of client service on the 5th of the month directly to your account. No checks to cash, no money to pick up. Just sit back and collect your money. *All Ambassadors are classified as 1099 and must set aside money for taxes*

How can you participate?
•    Send us your contact information through email at
•    We’ll assign a custom promo code offering your referrals “10% OFF Catering” for you to use and track your progress
•    That’s it. You’re done. And you will be happy you provided your contacts with fast, reliable and delicious catering

How do I earn my referral money? Simple:

·         Packages Under $500: $25

·         Packages $501 to $1000: $50

·         Packages $1,000+: $100

Many people make upwards of $600 a month just for passing our information along to their colleagues, clients, vendors list, facebook, and in their email blasts. So why not you?

To register just send us an email at and get ready to start cashing in your referral money! Check out our catering offerings at